Thursday, 17 May 2012


This is a good question to ask every now and again.  It is a question not designed to confuse us, make us doubt whether we are doing the right things or not.  But its a question that helps to measure if ones life is actually going in the direction it is supposed to. Are the actions and the effort I am putting in pushing me in the right direction?  The effort you put into paddling a canoe is of little consequence if the canoe is pointing in the wrong direction.

So why am I here?  Well it is clear in Mark 16:15 and Eph. 4:11-15.  No matter what life brings either good or bad I can't turn my back on the very call of God for my life.  To make him known and through equipping and example to ignite the Christian Community to proclaim the Gospel.
The pain, sacrifice, effort and hard work is all worth while to see a person for the first time confess Jesus as Lord.  Or to see a Christian like you and me push through their fear and feelings of inadequacy to come to realize that God is with them and God is using them to reach people they know who are desperate to hear the truth of the gospel.

Please join me in prayer

  • I am currently lecturing on Evangelism at Shepherds Bible College till the 27 June
  • I am involved in regular door to door and street work
  • Prep for SOE Fiji.  So far plans are coming along well.
  • I will be visiting the team in PN 25-26 May doing outreach

Monday, 12 March 2012

So far this year...

Well it has been a tough year so far.  With the passing of Jeremy's grandmother right before the SOE started it made for a stressful time.  The work load is increasing but unfortunately time is staying the same. 
This year we are looking forward to working in Fiji in July through September to run the SOE for the evangelists in the South Pacific.  This is a new venture but very exciting. 

With the SOE underway things are ticking along nicely.  Check out our Evangelism Extreme 2012 page to see how the students are getting on.