Tuesday, 10 December 2013

On the Street ... from Maria Henderson

Jeremy and I set up the Good Person Test flip chart near the Hastings clock tower one afternoon. Soon we were busy talking with four teenage girls from the Catholic school.
 They showed genuine interest in the gospel; one was teary-eyed as Jeremy explained the extremes Jesus went to, to demonstrate His love for us. Like the Bereans (Acts 17:10-11), I was pleased to see that one of the girls pulled her Bible out of her school bag, to check the verses which Jeremy quoted. None of them made a commitment to Christ at that time but for the first time in their lives they understood who Jesus really was and what they need to do to know him.

At one stage while we were showing the Good Person Test to these young ladies, a man wandered over and peered over their shoulders, to see what was going on. As soon as he realized that it was about God, his face twisted from that of a curious onlooker, to that of someone reeling as if they were about to faint. He hastened on his way down the street, calling out from half a block away, "Don't let them brainwash you!" Huh. When we share the gospel we never quiet know what response we will get but we do know people will have a response. 2 cor 2:16

Monday, 2 December 2013

When 'Yes' doesn't always mean 'Yes'

It was after two and Alex and myself were sharing the gospel with people in the Naenae shopping centre in Lower Hutt.  We struck up a conversation with a 17 year old Maroi boy who had just moved down from the Hawkes Bay, Zion, was his name.  He was so open.  He came from a church background yet a lot of his beliefs were a mixture of eastern philosophy with some basic Christian concepts.  Zion had thought he was good enough for God.  He felt that way becuase he intellectually believed in God and prayed every night.  As I shared the gospel with him it became very clear in his mind that he was mistaken in his beliefs and even in his understanding of who God is.  Zion came to a place where he admitted his sin and that he was guilty  before a Holy God.  As we talked about what needs to happen for us to not only have our sins forgiven but also become reconnected to God through being adopted into His family, Zion was chomping at the bit to receive Christ.  At this time I felt that Zion wasn't so much ready to receive Him as Lord but He was really saying, 'I'm keen to learn more'.  So I went through with him what it means to follow Jesus and how that affects our lives.  I then asked if he thought he was ready to receive Christ and he declined.  Zion was keen to start a Bible study and learn about who Christ is but he wasn't ready to start a new life in Christ.  Mike Revis is now going to be following Zion up.  Pray that he would come to a place of true repentance so he might experience true life.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Haumoana Market

Jeremy was recently involved in an outreach at the Haumoana Market.  The OAC Hawkes Bay team (which Jeremy also leads) held a stall at this large market.  The event attracts people from all over the bay as well as the country.  It was a beautiful day and many stopped to hear the gospel preached.  Andrew Moore from PN Branch and Maria from Hawkes Bay helped lead a team of volunteers in sharing the gospel.

 Throughout the day we challenged people, gave away DVD's and tracts and had the privilege of seeing one young lady give her heart to the Lord.  Please pray for us as we continue to witness at these large events, that people will be open and opportunities will continue to present themselves.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Change of Address

Please note we have changed our address.  In an attempt to cut unnecessary costs we have cancelled our P.O. Box.  Our new postal address is 509 Frederick St, Mahora, HASTINGS 4120.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Home and Straight Back into it!

Open Air Week on the SOE Fiji
Well we haven't updated for a while but hopefully you have been keeping up to date with Jeremy through our Adventures for Dempsey Blog.  We left for Fiji early July and returned at the end of August.  It was straight back to work for Jeremy.  With one intern in the Hawkes Bay Branch (Maria), a Kids Club was planned for Flaxmere.  Unfortunately this has had to be cancelled due not being able to find a suitable venue. Please pray for Flaxmere and work we are hoping to achieve in this suburb of Hastings.  We need the family of God to come together with one heart for this place and be willing to sacrifice and work for the Gospel.

Reaching Children and Families Week
Recently we held a half day of prayer and outreach.  This coincided with the Blossom Festival so the city of Hastings was packed.  What a blessed time to get together with the staff from Wellington and Palmerston North as well as many individual volunteers from the Hawkes Bay, to pray and then head out to the streets to share Christ's good news with many!

Jeremy is currently in Wellington visiting the OAC Branch down there.  He is not only responsible for the Branch in Hawkes Bay but also oversees the Lower North Island.  This gives added pressure to his already busy work load but the Lord is faithful and provides.

The Students at Graduation
This Sunday Jeremy will be preaching at the Family Service at Good News in Havelock North.  Please pray this would be a time of great encouragement to the church.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

2013 - Interns, Outreaches - Exciting Stuff

Well the year has gone fast but what a good one it has been so far.  Unfortunately we did not hold an SOE NZ this year, however that freed me up to re-format the SOE so it is more easily accessible to students, workers, those with families etc.  We recognize that 7 weeks is a long time away from the usual responsibilities and so we are aiming to restructure the SOE so that it fits into people's schedules better.

Even though we did not run an SOE we have been blessed with 2 interns.  Mike comes from Ngaruawahia and Maria is from Gisborne.  Both are keen to learn more about Evangelism and how to put it into practice in the community.  They have been with us since February and things are going really well.  They are regularly involved in Bible in Schools, High school Christian club, personal Evangelism, festival outreaches and will soon be involved in starting up a Kids club.  It is exciting to see these two grow in this area.

Last year I returned to the role of OAC Hawkes Bay Branch Director.  This has stretched my time in regards to my role as National Training Director but all is working out really well and it is a real encouragement to see two new interns who are able to continue the work in the Bay.

Some of that work has included ministry over Art Deco Weekend in Napier.  Every year in February Napier celebrates its Art Deco heritage that came as a result of the big earthquake.  Hundreds and thousands of people from around the world descend upon Napier.  I led a team of of 15 out to the streets (dressed appropriately) to share the love of God.  We all had a great time and were well received by people.

We then went to Clive on the Sunday to the Market Day they run each year.  Once again we had the opportunity to share the gospel to hundreds of people.  If you would like to be part of one of these outreaches please send me an email and I will get in touch - jem@oac.org.nz