Wednesday, 27 March 2013

2013 - Interns, Outreaches - Exciting Stuff

Well the year has gone fast but what a good one it has been so far.  Unfortunately we did not hold an SOE NZ this year, however that freed me up to re-format the SOE so it is more easily accessible to students, workers, those with families etc.  We recognize that 7 weeks is a long time away from the usual responsibilities and so we are aiming to restructure the SOE so that it fits into people's schedules better.

Even though we did not run an SOE we have been blessed with 2 interns.  Mike comes from Ngaruawahia and Maria is from Gisborne.  Both are keen to learn more about Evangelism and how to put it into practice in the community.  They have been with us since February and things are going really well.  They are regularly involved in Bible in Schools, High school Christian club, personal Evangelism, festival outreaches and will soon be involved in starting up a Kids club.  It is exciting to see these two grow in this area.

Last year I returned to the role of OAC Hawkes Bay Branch Director.  This has stretched my time in regards to my role as National Training Director but all is working out really well and it is a real encouragement to see two new interns who are able to continue the work in the Bay.

Some of that work has included ministry over Art Deco Weekend in Napier.  Every year in February Napier celebrates its Art Deco heritage that came as a result of the big earthquake.  Hundreds and thousands of people from around the world descend upon Napier.  I led a team of of 15 out to the streets (dressed appropriately) to share the love of God.  We all had a great time and were well received by people.

We then went to Clive on the Sunday to the Market Day they run each year.  Once again we had the opportunity to share the gospel to hundreds of people.  If you would like to be part of one of these outreaches please send me an email and I will get in touch -