Wednesday, 12 February 2014


What a year so far.  We are into February and well into ministry but it still feels like we have just started.
During January we were involved in camp ministry with Finlay Park Camp in Cambridge.  We had the opportunity to minister to over 100 kids between the ages of 8 and 14 as well as unsaved camp Mum and Dad's!

Last weekend we were a part of local missions running a Family Fun Day in the Lipscombe Cres area in Havelock North.  This gave us the opportunity to share the gospel with close to 100 locals.

I am, as I write this, having lunch at our National School of Evangelism held at Riverbend Bible Church.  We have 7 full time students in atendance and 3 part time.  Tony Collis is lecturing for the first 3 days.  It is such a privilege to be part of people's lives, inspiring them, challenging them and equipping them for evangelistic ministry.  Please pray the the students will grow and develop insuch a way that they will become more like Jesus and impact the world with the Gospel.