SOE Fiji


2 October 2017
Kia Ora team

What another great week its been.

Thank you for all your prayers and messages you have sent over the last little while. We have been doing lots of door to door and street work for our practical. Some of the students have also had the joy to go into the prison at Lautoka and share with the prisoners in the remand wing. Over the week we have looked at how do we engage in conversation with anybody and turn natural conversations into spiritual ones. We looked at how to share our stories and His story. It's been great to see the students grow in there ability to understand and share the gospel with people.
One of our students lead a couple of teenagers to Christ. Losalini (one of our students) She shared with 4 older ladies at the market, They thought they were Christians and going to heaven. Losalini asked on what basis did they think God would allow then to enter? They said because they go to church because they pray and try to be good. This opened the door for her to share how none of us are good enough to get to heaven based on our religion and good works. God's standard is perfection. Then she went on to share about Jesus. They knew about Jesus but never realized that its only in trusting in him alone we are made right with God. That is just one of many stories the team have as they seek to obey his great commission. How are you doing today in fulfilling the masters plan for your life?


Thank the Lord for those that have made a response to the Lord. Pray as we seek to follow them up, That they would be planted into a life giving church.
Thank the Lord for the students hunger for the Lord and there passion for the lost. (They just can't stop talking about Jesus to people)

This week the students are preparing to preach in the open air for the first time.

Pray for more divine appointments as we seek to reach the lost.

Partners in the harvest

25 September  2017
Kia ora team

At the moment the soe is going real well. We have 12 students at this stage. They are hungry to learn and excited about loving the Lord and serve the Lord. On our first outreach the team shared the gospel with around 42 people.

On Sunday I went to Prison with Samu and we went to a dorm that is suppose to hold 20 people. In the dorm there was about 80 inmates in the dorm. There was only 36 beds. One side had bunks. One person on the top, one on the bottom and one sleeping underneath the bunk then one sleeping on the floor between the bunks. After i preached the gospel I saw 4 people respond to Christ. Gary was in there about a week before and saw around 10 responses.

Today we covered how to share the gospel which went well.

Tomorrow we start door to door evangelism and later in the week we start preaching in the open air. Also every Tuesday and Thursday lunch time the students are rostered on to visit with Samu to the prison.

Hei konei rā

SOE Fiji has been and gone but it was a great success.  The committee are already looking into dates for next year so we can do it all again.  There were 18 students with 16 graduating.  The students arrive to learn how to share the gospel in an effective way and leave challenged, changed and with a new love for the Lord and His Word and a passion to share it with those who do not yet know Him.

During the school the students learn to study God's Word for themselves and search the Scriptures.  They learn how to approach strangers and how to talk with them about the things of God.  The students ran kids programs and open airs despite their fears.  They were rewarded with enthusiastic kids wanting to know more about the Lord.  On the streets they saw people willing to give up their old religion and all that went with it, in some cases family, and follow Christ. It is exciting to be part of such an amazing work of God but also encouraging as we hear of the students continuing the work long after Jeremy has returned home.

Please continue to pray for the students.  That they would continue to apply all that they know in the sharing of the Gospel and that they would be surrounded by people who would encourage them in this endeavour.


Last year in 2012 Jeremy and his family travelled to Fiji to run the School of Evangelism there.  Each year there is a lot of interest from the islands in attending the school in NZ but due to expenses they often do not make it.  In 2012 Jeremy, in conjunction with OAC Fiji, ran an SOE in Suva.  It was a great success with 28 students.  5 students gave their lives to the Lord in the first week.  Over the course of the school their lives were changed, the hundreds of lives they witnessed to were changed and many have continued to serve the Lord in Evangelism in their communities.
This year, 2013, the Dempsey's are returning to Fiji to run another school which is shaping up to be bigger.  Please pray for them as they prepare to return as a family to Suva.